Advice on Ford 6700 upkeep

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Feb 24, 2017
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Central Texas, Hamilton County
I picked up an '81 Ford 6700, delivered earlier this week. I'm building a list of things to do before I start mowing / disking / baling, have a few questions though.

If you're familiar with this particular model then I'd appreciate a few minutes of your time.

- First, all of the instructions on the levers wore off. I know which one activates the lift and changes draft, two remotes seem to work. I think one engages PTO and there's something poking out of the cover that has a tube which used to be connected to something. No longer though. Would love to have someone confirm all of what I'm seeing.
- There doesn't seem to be a parking brake? Is that correct? No lever or a place that one obviously used to be located. I'll have to follow the brake rods and see if anything stands out as missing.
- I think I found the diff lock, seems to be in the standard location but I'd like confirmation - directly under the front of the seat.
- The fan belt is horribly oversized, have the right one on order.
- Will change diesel pump oil with engine oil.
- Had to top up steering with what I had (10w30) so I could do an emergency clean up job after a tree fell down on Wednesday. I'll need to drain and use gearbox fluid?
- Why oh why does the fuel shutoff not have a return spring...
- What type of coolant should I use? With the dang trucks it's important to use gold on super duty and orange on the explorer - too much choice. What's right for a tractor?

I've searched the forum, found mention of a 7700 which I think is somewhat similar but turbo's drive a delta. And general internet search is almost useless - it's like the 6700 isn't old enough to be a vintage and not new enough to have a lot of forum data. There's a gap.

And $200+ for the manual online? Holy smokes, anyone have a better way to get a copy? I have a manual for a 6600, suspect not a ton of difference but enough that I'd the right one.

Anyway, any help would be much appreciated. Especially on things I haven't listed, what am I missing?

Mat Man

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Feb 6, 2008
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Middle Tn.
Parking brake should be push the 2 brake pedals down should be a knob close to pedals that you pick up on to lock brakes down.
Use standard old type antifreeze. P.S. fluid should same as trans and hyd. Good grade of tractor hyd 303 fluid .
Fuel shut off normally does not have spring but pretty simple to add one. Diff lock should be on floor board on right side for your heal to work . I would think pto leaver should be on clutch peddle side of transmission .
Hope this helps a little


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Dec 11, 2012
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Western UP, Mi
PTO should be lever by your left leg, diff lock right boot heal area, parking brake push the brakes down and pull up on the little knob by the pedals, fuel shut off never had a spring, green antifreeze (keep it changed the blocks are known to cavitate holes in the cylinder walls), PS system whatever oil you have handy, rear end/hydraulics use an oil that meets the MC134 spec (generally not "303 oil").

Good tractor not much different than a 5000, 5200, 6600, 7700, etc.