Adjusting feed to calf

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May 29, 2013
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So I am getting ready to put my yearly bull I showed back in the feed lot, as well as a prospective steer and a few heifers. My question is how do you alter your feed to your calf? My bull is a December 2015 and he was very young when I showed him last year so I had trouble getting him to eat. My biggest concern with him is he is very long bodied and has a good potential to make a great herd bull, but I need to from his belly for the show ring.
With my heifers my problem is usually that I get them to gain a decent amount and start to fill in, but then they stop eating and I can never get any fat on them. When I get to this point should I lower the amount of grain and increase the fill? I currently use bet pulp for fill, and occasionally cotton seed, although it proves to be the most expensive. I am looking into switching to depth charge or adding Surchamp, but I am on a budget.
Does anyone else have a problem/solution for picky Herefords?
I currently feed equal parts crimped corn, corn gluten pellets, soybean hull pellets, and oats.


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Jan 3, 2013
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Chico, CA
I am not an expert on feed nor these high energy show supplements. But what I do know, is when I need my calves to eat more, by adding the Probios (probiotics) really increases their appetite and balances their gut flora to help handle the extra feed with out getting diarrhea.
You can get them in a big tub of the powder and sprinkle in the grain. Some of your show supplements may already contain them, check the ingredients.