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Acres per cow/ calf pair...

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Dec 20, 2003
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North Central Kansas
We run about 4.5 to 5 acres per cow and lately I've heard of up to 60, just wondering how others have to run their cattle...
with proper fert-seeding-ph- i run 1 pair per aker easy. last year we had alot rain.i could of run 2 pair.i had to klip pasters 4 times~~~~~~~~~~~~~Tc---middle TN.
That's the way Ianswered the question..
In a drylot you can raise 20/30 pair per acre, but that's housing them, not raising them.


D.R. Cattle":3hr2l2ek said:
Jake I think you mean year round without an excessive amount of supplementation right?
Sorry for how vague I was. I meant acres for your pasture season be it year round or 8 months of the year and without more than salt and mineral...
1-4 acres per pair. Realistically 2 acres/pair at best with intensive grazing management. Up to 5 without. More if a lot of wetlands and hammocks.
It depends on the annual rainfall. In the east you may be able to maintaine a higher stocking rate than out west. Up here in Wisconsin you can run one pair per acre and cut hay to feed in the winter. The temps get so low here that it may require more hay to feed, the required 180 days, that you can't grow enough. We are in a period of over 31 days below freezing weather and that requires a lot of feed for the cattle. I doesn't get as cold as some parts but we have experenceed -18 this year and remained at below 0 for almost a week. That is cold, I don't care where you are located. Once it gets below 0 you can't tell the difference between -1 and -18.
We figure roughly 1 pair to the acre on the pasture most years. It al depends on how the land has been taken care of.


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