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Dec 27, 2003
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ne texas
the preacher was talking to a married couple one day, and the husband told the preacher that he and his wife had to have sex all the time, thats all they ever did. the preacher told them that they needed to not have sex as much, they needed to spend more time reading the bible, visiting neighbors, just doing other things in general. the preacher then told them that he did not want them to have sex for 2 months. about a month later the preacher asked the husband how things were going. the husband said that they had gone about a month without having sex, but had slipped up. he said last week his wife dropped a loaf of bread, bent over to pick it up, and he just couldn't resist, so he had sex with her. the preacher then said that since the husand and wife had not done what they were told, they could no longer come back to his church. the husband then told the preacher "thats allright, we can't go back to Brookshires anymore either."

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