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We have had 2 abortions in the last year. One cow a 99 model lost her 2nd calf that we never found. This year she had one that was about the size of a 30 lb pig no hair. Another one aborted about 3 months ago in the early stages 2-3 months and she had been a consistant producer a 99 model. We haven't vacinated since calf hood. What would you suggest.

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How many cows?

Sell the one that has done it twice for sure.

Could be bad luck, or trich, or feed, or pine needles, too many variables with the limited info.

Why haven't you followed a regular vaccination program? What about twice yearly de-worming? Heifers that haven't been vaccinated against Brucellosis and other diseases can abort. Bulls that haven't been vaccinated against bovine venerial diseases and pass on infections to bred cows/heifers can cause abortions. Like the other post I read--too many variables--contact a qualified bovine Vet.

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