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Several of my cows had been given bird death calfs or if they were a live then they will die in the next few hours. The father of all these calfs was the some. Is there any possibility that this bull could have any disease that could make this happen or it can be the hold herb? Any help is appreciated.

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There are so many things that can cause weak and stillborn calves, genetics, nutrition, disease....I'd recommend that you get the calves opened up for diagnostics by your veterinarian (post mortem exam) and find out the cause. I have no idea what your last line meant--the hold herb....

Sorry, that was a typo, should be "hole herd". I was trying to ask if it could be something caused by the the bull or all the cows. Thank you for your attention and help. Tony

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Whether or not the whole herd is affected or not, if you've had more than 2 stillborn or weak calves, it's a herd problem. As I said before, get the calves posted to find out what the cause is--there are so many possibilities that it is literally impossible to figure out without diagnostics--and it may involve taking blood from the affected cows as well. Talk to your vet.

Good Luck V
Vicki... is it possible that the females in question as well as bull(s) might have a venerial disease? Agree that post-mortem would be called for here. Something is not right here. Also, wonder if the stock in question have had regular vaccinations for all conditions prevelant in the person's geographic area? Bill.
Vaccination to prevent infection is the best option. That being said, there is a permanent carrier status possible with BVD, and these animals will never respond to vaccination. I'd recommend that you speak with your vet about vaccination, and which combo is best for your herd. Good Luck V

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