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Jan 28, 2004
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Northern AZ
Yesterday my heifer (due in Aug.) got to a pine tree. I saw her right away and she had only a nibble of of few leaves and maybe part of one small branch. I was grateful that Dun addressed that if the cow is well fed then limited pine tree ingestion shouldn't cause a problem. My gal gets about 30 # of hay a day plus grain in the evening, so I think she'll be okay. I also gave her free feed baking soda and goat minerals last night. She always has loose mineral salt available, but thinks the goat mineral combo is a treat. Bottom line question if she is going to abort, would it have happened by now or is it a few days out? Lord willing, we are in the clear.
Yes, it was. Good ol' Ponderosa Pine is one of the 3 major pines in my neck of the woods. I just checked the yard to see if I could see a calf fetus....nothing yet. I hope that means everything will be okay.

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