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A pig story

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Dec 28, 2003
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MO Ozarks
A journalist was traveling around the country compiling a collection of human interest storys. In one small town he heard of a farmer who's son had been saved from drowning by a pig.
The journalist looked the farmer up and asked about it. The farmer replied that they didn't have that pig anymore. But yes the pig had saved his sons life. When the river running through the farm had flooded, his son was playing on the banks and fell in. The dog just started running around on the bank barking, but the pig ran down to the river, jumped in, dodged logs and debris, swam out to the boy, granned him by the collar and swam back to shore with him. The journalist commented on what a remarkable pig that was. The farmer said, "Yup, swimmingest pig he had ever seen, good eating too."

hillbilly 2

Jul 8, 2004
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SW Missouri
Dun, you dumb hillbilly! you told it wrong.

The city cousins came to visit the country cousins and noticed they
had a pig with a peg leg???
"Whats the deal with the pig?"
Well last winter we had a flue fire in the middle of the night and that pig risk life and limb to wake us up!
"So, it somehow lost its leg waking you up???"
No! Its just that, you don't eat a pig that good all at once!