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Dec 8, 2012
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Wet-side Washington St.
First of all if you think something is different about yourself get checked out. I was diagnosed with a rare type of colon/rectal cancer 7 weeks ago. I had surgery to remove two tumors, surgery was smooth enough but they couldn't get all of them without taking my rectum too. So next Monday I start chemotherapy and radiation in downtown Seattle, just getting there 5 days a week will be an adventure. This is an unknown road for me and I'm a little bit nervous, I realize I'm not the first person to experience this and it will work out or it won't. Just the doggone possible side affects are crazy enough. I feel like I have a good team at Virginia Mason Seattle, lots of communication between departments. I have my ferry pass and I'm ready to roll. Way too many one way streets over there too.20211012_125525.jpg20211012_122720.jpg
Had a coach who would often say, "Keep your dobber up." His way of saying don't let things get you down. Find something to keep your focus on something else and stay positive. Here's a good book to help. It's' 20 years old, but still applies. https://www.amazon.com/dp/0722528272/?tag=cattletoday00-20

I pray you receive a special blessing in going through this trial.

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