a Mothers love......pic's

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Jan 20, 2006
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England United Kingdom
This is a photo I took of my daughter and her baby she didn't see me taking it. She loves it now.


baby as she is now.....
5 weeks old and 5lb 15oz.
That is a beautiful pic of your daughter and granddaughter Chris. Your daughter looks a lot like you in fact you could be sisters... :)
Holy Smokes ~ I think a lot of baby people are ugly, but that one there looks like a dolly Chrisy! Sure looks like her momma likes her! :nod: hd is right, the 2 of you look like sisters. Glad the women in your family are doing well ~ thanks for the pic!!
Handsome baby! That pretty face & british accent. Send her out here for college and she can't lose.
Congrats Chrisy, Babies are so special. ;-)
Chrisy, what a couple of beauties, thanks for sharing . A picture like that is enough lift your spirits a bit .

Thank you everyone for your nice comments, she is getting bigger everyday, she put on 3oz last week so she is now just over 6lb.
Andy Bob yes she is my first, and I hope not my last, it is one of the nicest feelings to become a grandparent.