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Jan 19, 2004
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Northeast Montana
I just got home and are winding down from this.....Spent the afternoon digging out- putting tires on and trailing in a grain auger and just when we hit town emergency vehicles were going everywhere... The neighbor I'd loaned the auger to dropped me off at my vehicle at the Waterhole- and thats when my wife called and said "I'm OK- I wasn't one of the ones shot- we're in lockdown- don't leave town until I call you because they think the shooter (s) are in the area of our house or headed that way..

Turns out the lady EMT killed is also the Clerk of Court- who's dad is my bestest friend and who was my Administrator of the Jail (now retired)- the nurse shot was a sweetheart who's husband I've known since he was born-who was the other shot (but I heard they will be OK)-and the real scarey part is the next one out of that hospital door when this nut went shooting was going to be my wife- who had to hesitate for a few seconds to push the button on the computer to send some C-Scans to the Radioligist...When she got to ER the ER Doctor was ducking bullets trying to get back inside :shock: THANK YOU LORD......

Anyway the Law Enforcement did a fabulous job--somewhere along the line somebody poked a bullet hole in this nutcase- they shutdown the town- nobody moved anywhere- called in all the mutual agreement officers- dogs- and helicopters-- tracked his bloodtrail all night until about midnite ( my son was in involved in the that- I did teach him a little) and the really scarey part was this guys trail went right down the road and beside the house where 2 of my grandkids were- with their other grandparents- but I had let them know- and they had the grandkids in the basement- and old Grandpa Nolan (an old Miles City man) was watching the door with a shotgun... They caught up with him about a 1/2 mile away from there (which is only about a mile and half- 2 miles from my house)-- apparently from what I hear tonight he attacked one of the tracking dogs and his handler with a knife- shots were fired- ambulance called- ambulance code returning to the hospital was Code Black- which means no trial :clap: .....

ATTA BOYS for law enforcement and training- it showed tonight.....I used to catch hell when I was Chief Deputy and when I was Sheriff for spending money and time on SWAT training and equipment-- more than one councilman and commissioner and taxpayer told me those things don't happen in our area :???:

The other thing that showed tonight was that everyone knows that I don't walk across the street without packing-- I had more women loving me up and willing to spend the night with me and offering a place to spend the night in town than I ever had before :wink:

I don't mean to make light of this- Huge tragedy just befell our community :( :( :( -- GOD works in mysterious ways- and I thank him Grandma had to spend them few seconds pushing the buttons on her computer.... We were going to work cows tomorrow- but instead might just have a big family gettogether to thank the good old Lord......

1 killed, 2 injured in Glasgow shooting
By The Associated Press and Gazette Staff

UPDATE: 10:15

GLASGOW � One of three people shot near the Glasgow hospital�s ambulance barn on Saturday died and a manhunt was under way, Valley County Sheriff Glenn Meier confirmed.

Meier told the Great Falls Tribune the other two shooting victims were in stable condition. He did not release their names.

The manhunt for the shooter continued late Saturday. "We�re getting closer," Meier told the Tribune.

Frances Mahon Deaconess Hospital was under a lockdown that began at 5 p.m. and continued past 10 p.m., spokesman Nickolas Dirkes said. He said the three people hit by gunfire received care at the hospital and one had died.

"We�re on a lockdown, with no admittance to the facility permitted at this time," Dirkes said. "An ambulance crew is available offsite and we have initiated our incident command system."

Samara Fay, a spokeswoman for the sheriff�s department, said that officers were looking for only one person and had requested that people "stay home, lock their doors. They don�t want anyone on the streets."

She said BNSF Railway agreed to a request to halt its trains, apparently so they could not be used to flee town.

The search in the community of about 3,100 residents focused on the south side of town, a residential area, Fay said. The search involved personnel from multiple agencies, including the Montana Highway Patrol.

Sports reporter Beth Henville of the Glasgow Courier said Glasgow High School was locked down during basketball games against Scobey, but that the teams and fans were allowed to go home about an hour after the boys� game.

She said the crowd at the game was informed at about 5:30 p.m. MDT that the school was being locked because of "a situation." Tim Phillips, program director at KLTZ-AM in Glasgow, said people were allowed to leave the gym at about 7:45 p.m.

http://www.billingsgazette.net/articles ... lasgow.txt
That is a tragedy. I'm glad your wife is ok. You never know when someone will snap. You hear about stuff like this and it seems all too common place when its actually a rarity. I think it would be even more rare if more people kept a weapon handy. Just last week I was looking at GBI crime statistics and I was really surprised at how few gun related crimes were committed in comparison with other weapons.
Oldtimer glad to hear you and your's are ok our prayer's go out to all involved in this tragedy you just don't know when one of these nut cases are going to crack.

Sounds like the old farm/rancher boy husband of the nurse (who was just delivering a pop to his wife) may be the hero of the day-probably saved his wifes life, the ER doctors and my wifes--- when this guy started shooting up the parking lot- Scott -after being hit in the hip- reached in his vehicle and got a couple guns (pistol and rifle)-exchanged fire with him-and got him in his scope and stuck a .308 round in him.. Thats when the guy took off...

Still trying to wind down this morning...Still trying to figure out who the character is- and WHY?
Scary. Glad you and yours are well. Kooks can show up even in small towns. :x Do you know what started the rampage?
Thank God you and your family were not harmed. That is absolutely terrifying ,I would still be in hiding if something like that happened here.

Thoughts and prayers go out to all that have been effected by this horrific event and especially for the loves ones of the lady whose life was sensley taken.
Wow!! That is a heckuva day. My heart goes out to the family of the lady who was killed. Glad you and yours are OK and that it wasn't any worse than it was. Sounds like your law enforcement people and ordinary citizens are a credit to the community.
OT, I've been following this throughout the day. I'm so glad that your family is ok...and so sad about the ones that were wounded...and the one that didn't make it.

Prayers and more prayers are going out...

Wow, what a day, happy it turned out ok for you . Prayers for those not as fortunate .

I am sorry for those injured and killed. What might have happened had that rancher not had access to a weapon? We'll never know.
In 2001 a pair of EMT's in our little county of 12000 were killed in their sleep by a co worker. Both were friends of mine, and one was a junior firefighter when I was a fire chief. Their deaths cut pretty deep. We do not, nor will we ever know why it happened. The young man was only 22 years old. It can happen, no matter how small the community. Any idea why the man did what he did?
Not much new.. They still haven't positively IDed or released the name of the shooter-but I have heard a name- if it is who they think- could have made the motive drugs, revenge, and plain out nutso...Former resident who is a drug spaced out nut- who had also been kicked out of the ER previously months ago for causing problems- and trying to demand drugs....It appears he may have been surveilling and stalking the ER entrance and parking lot for possibly days before...

The nurse Suzanne Billingsley and her husband Scott both should recover fine...Some who follow rodeo may know Scotts Dad Jack and brother Jay who both are long time PRCA ropers- and ranch west of here...Definitely appears Scott is a Hero- and probably prevented this nut from getting in the hospital and many more deaths and injuries....

Officials investigate 2 deaths in Glasgow hospital shooting
Associated Press

GLASGOW - State investigators are trying to unravel what they termed a sniper-style shooting at the local hospital that left a woman and the suspect dead and two others wounded.

The homicide - Glasgow's first in more than a decade - shook residents and left authorities searching for a possible motive.

Melissa Greenhagen, 37, of Glasgow, a part-time emergency medical technician and clerk of state district court in Valley County, was killed in the Saturday evening shooting in the Frances Mahon Deaconess Hospital parking lot, police said.

Authorities said a female nurse and her husband were wounded after rushing to aid the woman. They were both listed in stable condition at the hospital but were not immediately identified. Police said the suspect was later killed in a shooting involving police who followed a trail of blood to a house just south of town. The massive search for the man ended about 11:30 p.m. Saturday. Investigators were trying to identify the suspect and find a link between the suspect and Greenhagen.

The bodies of Greenhagen and the suspect will be transported to the Montana Crime Lab in Missoula for autopsies, authorities said.

Glasgow Police Chief Lyndon Erickson and Valley County Sheriff Glen Meier said they have requested assistance from the Montana Division of Criminal Investigation to investigate a homicide and an officer involved shooting.

Residents described how word of the shooting spread quickly through Glasgow, prompting homeowners to lock their doors and in some cases arm themselves. The town of about 3,500 people is located about 50 miles south of the Canadian border.

"Everybody knew who was killed and everybody knew who was hurt," said Marie Penderson, a local bartender who said she was an acquaintance of the victims. "We were all saying she couldn't be dead. We refused to believe it."

Authorities locked down the hospital and a nearby high school basketball game following the shooting and suspended train traffic along the BNSF railway until the suspect was found. No other suspects were being sought, Valley County Sheriff Glenn Meier said Sunday.

Meier and Erickson said it was the first homicide in the Glasgow area in 15 years.

"This has shocked all of us. Glasgow is place you feel comfortable raising your family," said Randy Holom, chief executive of the hospital.

Holom said he was at the hospital's annual holiday party about three blocks away when he got a call about the shoot-ing.

"When I got the call I thought it was a drill," he said.

The three victims were shot about 50 yards from the hospital's emergency room entrance. The hospital was locked down until about 1 a.m. with about 40 to 50 staff and an undetermined number of patients inside.
Oldtimer: Pretty scary stuff! You just never know when some nut might go off the deep end.
We are starting to see a lot more violent crime in Canada but it is mainly between gangs as they battle over the lucrative drug trade. Not to say we don't get our share of "nuts" like the guy who butchered that kid on the greyhound bus.
I think the drug trade has just about gotten out of control in many areas. Seems this crystal meth stuff has spawned the most violence...and probably the most profit! I think there are already about half a dozen murders in Calgary this year...most of them gang related.
Glad you and yours are safe and sound.
Bandsaw OT has posted quite a bit on ranchers.net in the Coffee forum.
The only thing I can add is they finally found out who the shooter was through his finger prints, but no name is being released.
Both Billingsley's have been discharged from the hospital.
The funeral is this Saturday at 11am in Glasgow.
OT, I'm very glad your family is OK. This is something I would not expect in Glasgow a place where everybody seems content. Folks up there are survivors and you good folks will recover. My prayers to the good folks in Valley county,
They released the name of the shooter this afternoon- but it doesn't sound like many know much about this character--anyway I don't...Sounds like a transient that may have been living in several areas aound town for some months with a couple of dogs--including a shack on the north side....
Not sure if they know where he is from-altho an old van outside the shack they have been searching has Wyoming plates on it...

Slain shooter in Glasgow identified
Of The Gazette Staff

The man who opened fire at a Glasgow hospital was identified Thursday as 42-year-old Roger Lynn Sellers.

While law enforcement authorities released the name of the gunman who killed one woman and injured two other people Saturday, they said no motive has been discovered and no other information about the incident will be released to the public until a coroner's inquest. No date for the inquest has been set.

Sellers was killed after he opened fire outside Frances Mahon Deaconess Hospital shortly before 5 p.m. Saturday. Melissa Greenhagen, a 37-year-old part-time EMT, was hit in the chest and killed. Two other people were injured in the gunfire.

Sellers fled on foot and it is believed that he later died in a gunfight with officers. It remains unclear if Sellers took his own life. A Glasgow police officer was placed on administrative leave after the incident. Sellers was identified by his fingerprints Tuesday, but authorities withheld his name until relatives could be notified. A search Wednesday night of Seller's residence in Glasgow provided authorities the information they needed to locate the relatives, according to a statement released today.

Investigators have found no connection between the shooter and the victims.

Glasgow Police Chief Lynn Erickson and Valley County Sheriff Glen Meier said in the release that no further information would be released.

"We understand the intense interest in this case, and appreciate the community's continued support and patience as our investigation continues," Erickson said.

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