A little victory

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Sep 28, 2012
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Last year our bull was pretty much sterile, and didn't get anything bred. I'll say this about him, though, he sure tastes good and his skull is going to look good on the wall. I had taken him to a vet and the guy said that there were some, small amount, of swimmers, and with such a small herd that we have he should have the ability to get everything bred. I was watching him one day and he still wasn't big enough to get the cow done, so I had her AI'd. When we vaccinated she wasn't far enough along to have a certain yes or no said as to whether she was pregnant or not. This past weekend, during the worst rainstorm in a couple years, we took her in and had her checked for that and a small abnormality on her eye that had me concerned for cancer. The vet considered the eye thing to be non-worrying and she's 6 months bred. It's about time something went right for me in the last year. It's been a tough 12 months.

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