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Oct 31, 2006
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Hi everyone.

I saw that some of my topics went "south" as you say in the States..
It was not my intention to confrontate anyone, I was just asking questions.

Let me tell you that I don't know much about bulls, really, I am not ashamed of saying that, the same way I am not ashamed of saying that I am learning and FAST :cowboy:

I came to this Forum with two main objectives 1) Learn, and 2) Show foreign breeders what we are doing down here.

I got into this business because of neccesity (sp?) Why ? because I have a embryo lab that only was working during the breeding season and the rest of the year I still have to pay salaries with no incomes. The embryo I produce are IVF, so there is no chance of freezing them because the pregnacy rate of the frozen IVF embryo is too low, so we work them "fresh". So after the breeding season we just sat there withouth doing anything.

So I decided that I have to add a new "product" to my production facilities, something that can be produced and sell year round.
I noticed that my clients have been investing tons of money and time bringing here the best genetics available in the word for our grassy conditions. So I thought, if we have been buying the best genetics outside, why we can not sell them back if our production costs are less ??

Well that was the begining, then I invested the very last equipment for filling, sealling, printing, microscopes, etc., so I am with the water up to my nose again :lol2: , but I am enjoying this like I have never imagine and I am learning a lot.

I have some bulls but the best ones are not mine, they belongs to clients that have become good friends. I will not be able to change any toplines or nothing else, so don't fight here because of that, but I can tell them that if we want to sell outside we will need to start paying atention to those toplines, just that, nothing more.

So we are a team with them now, and my goal is to sell their genetics outside the country and we will succeed, it will take time but everything I know that it's wortwhile takes time.

I build the offices where a very ugly "house" was, I rebuild that "thing", it would have been easier to put it down and build it again but by then I have had already invested all the money in equipments, so we just put together some painting, some rocks and some wood and the office was ready, we also took every single thorn away, we have to fight wasps and ant nests, etc, etc. But now we have something we can show. Our lab has last generation american and german equipment, and the offices without being 5 stars are...more or less...good :roll:

Obviously the lab is not that house :mrgreen:

So my friends, let be clear, I am not the owner of any thruth, I am not an expert, and as I said before, I am just here to learn and to exchange experiences. So take it easy :lol:

The office




BTW, This morning at 5 am my second boy was born so I am very tired and I will go to sleep :wave:
Lorenzo :D
Congratulations on the new boy and on what you've done to the office. Thanks for sharing your story. I am still really interested in seeing more hereford bulls if you have any others up your sleeve.
yep congratulations on the baby................dam i like that bull..if you only had one, in your arsenal.id want it too be him...but there's more too poor conformation, then just a weak topline.
I like the office and the bull, but priorities first: congratulations on the boy! It's always nice to see members from other countries.

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