A hillbilly farmer and his son...

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Aug 25, 2013
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Were in town shopping and they saw a sign on a stable saying MULE FOR SALE CHEAP. The farmer stopped and asked the man about the mule.

"I want $50 for him."

"That's a right cheap price."

"I'm selling him cheap because he goes cross eyed once in a while. Ain't no problem though because I'll throw in this metal tube. When his eyes cross you stick this in his rear end and blow on it. That makes his eyes go straight for a while."

The farmer decided he could live with that an bought the mule. He used that mule for months and he proved to be a faithful animal and a hard worker. Every once in a while his eyes would go crossed but a blow on the tube would straighten them right up.

One day the farmer and his son were plowing a field when the mule's eyes crossed. The farmer stuck the tube in the mule's rear end and blowed and blowed with no effect. He gave up and told his son to give it a try. The younger man pulled out the tube, turned it around and stuck it back in.

"What the hell you doin' boy" the farmer asked.

"Well dang Pa, I don't want to put my mouth where yours has been."

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