A Happy Rewarding Phone Call

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May 28, 2011
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Western Kentucky
Got a phone call this morning from Larry with Horseshoe Bend Simmentals of Tennessee. He told me the blaze face heifer I sold him that was bred to the red bull I recently sold to Missouri had calved 3 days after due date. He said it was a black blaze face 84 lb. calf. Think he said bull. Said she calved just fine and mothering it good. Said he was extremely pleased with both heifers and that the little black heifer calf from the other heifer sired by my Vegas bull was growing like a weed. He did ask if I had anymore for sale. I said I had a whole calf crop of them :D . It has been a heavy heifer crop this go around. Anyway nice to get a happy rewarding phone call from a customer especially here lately.
Those are the best kind. We had a guy call a couple of days after he took delivery of a bunch of pairs and thanked us for selling him such good animals. That's what really makes this deal worth while.
It is a great thing to have customers who are so happy they refer new business your way ... AND ... become repeat buyers themselves.

It is always nice to hear good words from someone else. When customers are happy you can rest assured they are spreading a positive word. And that is the best advertisement.
That's great. It is definitely nice to get positive feedback. We sold a group of steers last year and the guy usually gets them from the weekly sale but was glad to find a source of some direct. Said that as a whole they were all pretty quiet, except the 2 we told him were a little squirrely. Said they calmed down enough around the others to be workable. Said they grew good and just left and wanted to know what we will have this year. Unfortunately, we have had a BIG heifer year in 16 and again this spring, but he said he wants to see what steers we have before we sell them. Not near as nice a deal as your sold heifers doing good for the guy, but still makes you feel good that your cattle are not "bad deals".
Congrats and hope you get another sale or referral out of it.
That's definitely a good feeling. I sent two steers to the butcher shop for ourselves and family members. They called a couple hours after the neighbor dropped them off asking if I had any extras to sell. Told him I had two left and had some people that were interested but nothing was certain. He offered a nice price and I decided that sounded like a better route than dealing with a bunch of different people him-hawing over quarters and halves. Sent him the other two a couple weeks later and the neighbor that hauls for me said he was dropping off some good beef, butcher told him "no that's great beef." When I picked up ours he told me if I'm going to raise them like that he will pay top dollar and guarantees I won't be stuck with them. Considering I'm still pretty new to doing this pretty much on my own, it's a good feeling to know I must be doing something right!

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