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Aug 29, 2004
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central ky
hi im new to cattle and i would like to know a good easy cow to start out with. since i live in kentucky all I ever see is Angus and charlais and i get tired of seeing the same thing so i ways thanking of miniture cows but i cant find any someone please help
If you'll look at the top of your screen :lol: Click on "Cattle Today" You'll find a link that says "Breeds"
It will show you most of the breeds that are out there and will offer other ways to get in touch with each breeds Association.

Good Luck :cboy:
I dont know what i want i dont really like them they just look easy to manage

Might I suggest that you look at Scottish Highland cattle or Galloway cattle. They are very disease resistant and have a very nice temperament and the beef off of them is absolutely excellent.
Also take a look at the Dexter cattle. They are a smaller breed that is true, not bred down or miniaturized. Very docile and nice to handle.
Good luck
Just a suggestion, but if you're looking to have some very quiet beef cattle on your place may I suggest visiting a Hereford or Shorthorn breeder?

I've got a few of both breeds and they have been hands down the most docile creatures to calve out and handle. The Gelbvieh we've got are also docile at calving time, but seem to be a bit more determined (polite for boneheaded) than the Herfs and Shorts.

Take care (The above was posted as a suggestion to the original poster and in no way intended to get an interbreed battle started...no offense to those who champion other breeds) ;-)

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