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Feb 7, 2006
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East Central Illinois
We buried a close friend of mine today. He left a wife, five children, four grandchildren, five brothers, four sisters, twenty-five nieces and nephews, and his mother, who is probably the most wonderful woman I've ever known. I was considered the seventh son, as I spent more time at their place than my own when we were growing up. It was a hard day for a lot of people. What a wonderful family, the kind that has had to toil and scrape for everything they've got, but is so rich in the things that really matter. I know I am truly blessed, but right now I feel so tired.
Van, my deepest sympathy for you and the family . You are all in my prayers .

I sorry to hear this Van. I know its hard but look on the bright side, he is still living in all of you and I'm sure he is looking down on you all with a smile. You'll see him again I'm sure.
Thoughts and prayers are with all of ya'll.

Hang tough.
Thoughts and prayers are with you and his loved ones Van,,but it sounds like this fella had a very rewarding life with all of his family and friends like you.. :heart:
Van, I know you are feeling a great loss. I'm so very sorry. As Jo said, he will live on in your heart forever.

Van my sincere condolences for your loss, you and his family are in my prayers. And just hold on to all those nice memories you have of him, and one day you'll find yourself chuckling at the thoughts, as it gets easier in time. God bless you all.

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