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Loch Valley Fold

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Apr 21, 2008
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NSW Australia
Just had another calf born early this morning still slightly wet but up running around already a good sign. So far this is the only purebred bull I've had born still have a few more to calve but these will be closer to Christmas or early Jan '10
Cross bred steer born 01/10/09 highland x Jersey x Friesian

Vivienne born 24/07/09 I really like this heifer shes a keeper naturally polled shes a Highland x Angus x Jersey I almost wish she was a steer I don't think you can really see how thick she is



Limousin steer he's only 1/4 limmo born 24/08/09 the rest is Jersey

Tighernan Odhar of RP aka Tiger silver dun future herd bull - possible show prospect born 22/02/09

New bull calf born this morning 13/10/09 theres a good chance he'll end up a steer

Floriane she is now 14mths old - still haven't taken her "easy wean" nose ring out of her yet

Daniah born 20/08/09 she was only a little thing when she was born

Group shot of the herd as they went into a new paddock

Katharine Odhar of Rahil Park- et born 16/05/'94 - the mother of Tiger & Charlotte (both sired by Haydon of Mac-Ladanae) she is very quiet & would rather walk over than around you

Thanks when I get 5 spare minutes will re upload the photos to a better size
Tiger aka Tighearnan Odhar of Rahil Park is by Haydon of Mac-Ladanae & is out of Katharine Odhar of Rahil Park- et both can be looked up on AHCS online stud book. I have 2 black daughters of Haydons as well & am really liking the way they are growing. Tiger was showing off this morning &I just snapped that before he took off playing again
They look great. Highland calves - pure or crossed - always seem to have that thick, square stature about them. At least all the ones I've seen.
Thanks for the comments I'm seriously thinking of just breeding 1st crosses, using my highland bull over my MG, Angus & dairy cows & using the Lowline bull we have at the dairy over the highland cows I've always been really impressed with the growth of these 1st cross calves, the pure highland calves seem to grow really fast for the first 6mths than almost stop.
These cows have come through winter with only a little bit of green oats & nothing more I have been keeping an eye on our old house cow body condition if she started to drop weight than I was going to start feeding out hay. Through the summer months they just about live in the paddock that I put them in yesterday
I've always wondered, and I know nothing about Austriala, can't spell it either, but why so many Murry Greys, and Highlands. I'm always seeing them crossed with Jerseys and other dairy breeds. I really know nothing about those breeds, maybe I need to be educated on them. Are there any big amounts of Angus and Hereford and other breeds that are more common here? Just courious. gs
Fences are a normal 4 barb fences & some 3 strand plain fences with the internal fencing a single strand of electric tape as I cell graze each paddock calves can go under the fence up until they get a good bite than they sop going under the white tape the 6. I have about a 13 week rotation using 6 paddocks.

Along with murray greys & Highlands you will also find Angus, Hereford, Limousin, or pretty much any beef bull crossed with dairy cows this is because we sell our calves as "Bobby" calves meaning from about a week old & not under 25kgs a xbred calf will bring more money than a straight bred dairy breed, unless there is someone after a certain amount of heifers than heifer prices may go over the $100 per head. For example our purebred Jersey bulls will bring $5 -10 head where as a beef x Jersey will bring $30 - $50 head
Australian":ho9vsh8q said:
Love those Highlands. Always stop and look at a herd by the New England Highway north of Armidale. They are light coloured and are very impressive. During the hot days they are often standing in the dams half way up their bellies.

i know exactly the herd you're talking about and they are impressive. I keep meaning to stop and get some pics.

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