A Cowboy's Belated Christmas List

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Jan 21, 2006
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My little patch of earth, Perth, WA, Australia
Just had this emailed to me, and it was too good not to share.


Dear Santa,

I sure want to thank you for all the wonderful things you provided last year, but this year I was hoping you might bring some things that don't necessarily fit under the Christmas tree.

$1.50, six-weight calves (I'd be plumb tickled with a little less)

Lots of moisture (Would love if it would come in the form of rain, and not snow and ice. Also, if it could come slow and easy that would be great).

A banker who understands numbers as well as the cattle business, so they won't be getting tight when I need to be aggressive, and loose when I need some discipline.

A really good horse, and time to ride (aw, heck, just bring the good ones for the kids; I don't mind riding a green horse).

A good dog, one that stays trained (maybe just a real nice dog, that will ride around with me and never stand in a gate)

Something really nice for my wife, (I know she’s been wanting a non cattle-related vacation. I might need your help here, as my cowboy boots don’t fit on skis and I haven't worn shorts since high school basketball, so the Caribbean is not a great alternative. I suggested Las Vegas and the National Finals Rodeo once, but I think she thought gambling money and watching a horse wreck wasn't that much different from a typical day here).

A dose of common sense for some of these environmental and animal welfare radicals. (We've always put the land and the cows over our own wellbeing, and I can't figure out why they can't see that).

Throw in a little perspective for myself (help me to laugh when the water is froze, the trailer tire is flat, the feed wagon auger is jammed, and the cows are out – just help me to laugh and smile).

Having the family together (not worrying about all the day-to-day things, but just enjoying each other).

A heavy dose of the Christmas spirit, now and for as long as possible into next year.
P.S. I understand most of these things are kind of out of your realm; in fact, I take them all back. We’re pretty darn fortunate down here, maybe you could give ours to someone more in need. Writing this letter made me think about the true meaning of Christmas, so while we have some young uns around who would sorely miss you, I honestly hope your visit is a mere side note to our celebration of family this year.

P.S.S. I've known for quite some time that you weren't saying “ho, ho, ho” on that sleigh of yours. I've driven a team on a cold crisp morning, so I know you were saying “Whoa, Whoa, Whoa,” but your secret is safe with me. It's part of the cowboy code.
-- Troy Marshall

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