A couple of pics

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Nice pics !!! It seems those two are having some fun !!
My "helpers" are still a little young :cboy:

Cows look good, the couple of calves you can see look stout, did breed the cows back to the same bull, older type genetics on the sire or more modern breeding.
I want to see if you can affordably get into the registered business.

It can be done, you just need a clear picture of where you are going and be able to identify the AI sires to take you there. Without AI you either have to get lucky from an unlikely source or be prepared to be very, very patient.
northtexas":8zwaazpa said:
Here is a picture of my line one bull as a two year old. He is three now. I snapped some photos last night but this one is better.


I really like him! Who is his breeder?


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