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Mar 10, 2004
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Manitoba, Canada
This is the new record for the most people online at one time. I've been on here in the early morning hours before and there is usually no one else here. What gives?
These are boats with two glass holes in the bottom. He is using slange the proper spelling is goggle boats
I think maybe they could be the next generation of fem bots. Anybody else but me remember the 70's when the Six Million Dollar man was fighting the fembots?
I think it has to do with the search engines finding the sight. Pretty soon people will be able to search for poetry and somewhere in the million and have responses of what it finds will be CRRs poetry. That was part of the reason Macon went to the need to be a member to post.
But I've been wrong before

But you're right this time! And I was in a hurry earlier, it's a Googlebot. :D

And it didn't take then long to add everything to the index. Copy some obscure and unique part of one of your posts and paste it in the Google search box. I tried "Macon also commented in a pm that he was back" and there it was.

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