7 Week Old Calf With Scours

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Jul 18, 2009
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We have a 7 1/2 week old calf and have been treating him for scours for about 10 days, with very little improvement. We started out giving electrolyte solution and Oxy 500 Calf Bolus as directed. Then we took him to the vet three days ago - and he was given Sustain III Calf Bolus and Baytril 100 inj/sol 100 ml. He seems to have a little more energy, but still has scours and is not eating. The vet told us to discontinue the electrolytes and to not give him any milk replacer.

Our concern is that he has nursed VERY little each day (if at all). He eats a little hay, and will hardly touch the creep feed. Should we start back on the electrolytes, and should we give him a milk replacer? Surely he's hungry! Honestly - the mother cow is not a very good mother! This is her second calf - and I don't think she was ready to "settle down" (LOL). She doesn't seem to be worried at all about him - or whether he nurses or not.

One other concern - his rectum seems to be turning inside out - or at least protruding in and out - as he has diarrhea. Is this normal or are we looking at something much more severe than scours?

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

I'm sure it's obvious we know nothing about cows! It's days like this I'm thinking we should have stayed in the city!!
did your vet test of codcisiousis? E-coli? What is the temp?
Is this an animal you raised from birth or stock yard bought? Were vaccinations in the mother's history, good colostrum uptake at birth? Did the vet test for BVD?
How much have you spent in feed, vet bills, meds....how much are you willing to spend? Does cost matter?