7 week calf throwing up

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Mar 19, 2017
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Western Canada
Hey there I'm new to this forum..looks like a great source of info. Needing some help tho. vet is closed today.. have a calf that's acting a little off- a little dehydrated (saw it pee a bit tho) somewhat depressed (it's up and around but not much speed and ears a bit droopy) looks like it hasn't eaten since morning, and it threw up phlegm, milk, and dirt mixture. Tried to tube it electrolytes and only got half in before stomach contents started coming up the tube and we quit. No idea what to try next.. mineral oil? Any idea what it's problem is? Lost a calf that was acting depressed earlier in the calving season an when we cut it open it's stomach was full of black dirt.. dirt from both looks like the grit that's on shingles..know what I mean? Thanks for feedback!
I really don't know what it could be, but welcome to CT, and maybe someone with experience with this will chime in... I would think there could quite possibly be a correlation between this one and the previous one you lost.. I'd try tubing him every few hours anyhow to start with

How old is it? Can you take it's temperature?
Thanks! It's about 7 weeks. So far it hasn't changed much yet.. still up and around. Keeping an eye on it! Should have taken temp, nose didn't feel hot tho. Open to any thots or advice!
Put the tube down again and measure how far it goes. 7 weeks of age it is starting to take solids, could be related to some sort of obstruction/ restriction of oesophagus.

Ok. Yeah saw him chewing his cud yesterday for the first time tho he could have before when I haven't seen..
Hey actually I was wrong. He's 5 weeks. But he's running around this morning so hopefully he's over whatever it was?! Would like to know what but I guess it's probably one of those things never will for sure.. rather have him alive and not know than dead!

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