6mo heifer vulva discharge

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Aug 10, 2009
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New at this and starting out. Only have 2 hiefers - one 7 mo old and the angus cross with discharge 6 months.
These are big, well fed, healthy girls I've raised from bottle babies.
Innoculated and wormed when brought in 5 months ago.
The older heifer was trying to mount 3-4 weeks ago.
Now I lay hands on them at least every other day and there was nothing out of the ordinary two days before.
Last night I go to feed them and she agressively wants her feed out of the bucket but too agitated to take from my hand.
I notice a pale whitish "string" from her vagina 2/3 the length of her tail about the diameter of a pencil.
Not a worm, mucus. She's lost hair from her tail tuft too.

There were large hoof prints outside the gate. I've been told a big old bull does ocassionally show up around here and there was a cow from a neighbors herd showed up here and stayed awhile about 6 weeks ago.

So my question is what might I be looking at going on with the girl? Is this indicative of her possibly being bred or vaginitus or........?

Appreciate thoughts from you old tymers!
If you don;t see the big hoof prints inside with her what you're looking at is the aftermath of her having been in heat.
If she was in heat, that's why the bull showed up outside the gate. Whether or not he got inside to breed her is up you to tell. If he did breed her, he shoulda at least gave her a towel, because what your seeing is what is left after being bred
Great! Now that it's daylight I'm going to head back down and look closer at tracks.
Obiously main concern is that this is normal and not a condition that needs care.
Duh, and I don't know any better but at least recognize different.

Yeah, see if she gets to sleep in the wet spot in the pasture........LOL!

I know some let bulls run with thier herd year round and "let nature take it's course" - also some say to let the girls mature more before breeding - any opinion on these?
Thanks Dun!
She's a bit young intentionally bred her. Most here like to see first calf at 18-24 months. If bred, she'd calve at 15 or so
She's "dried". No bull in the picture but I did find a hole in the fence the bigger gal apparently found - her tracks.
So all's well! Thanks!
Just remember that in 2 and ahlf to 3 weeks it will all happen again
Do cows get PMS? LOL!
Now that I understand what I was seeing is normal cycling, we're good.
Thanks for cluing a newbie in!
Caustic Burno":38wvml31 said:
Been a many English get bred at 6 to 8 months old. Bull doesn't have to get in the pasture been plenty of slut cows back up to the fence.

You could not have made me believe this would happen until I saw it. There was a bull on her side of the fence and she backed up against the fence to be bred by the neighbors bull. Of course when he finished she moved and the bull came down on top of the fence tearing it down.
Bought the neighbors herd that year and his farm the next. No more neighbor's bull problems. All because of the slut cow.
i have a heifer that is 15 months and 7 months bred. surprise surprise. i had one a few years ago that calved at 15 months not any fun at all. she will be in again you better reinforce the fence. they will get out if he cant get in.......

Surely there has to be an even more derogatory term for the cows that won't stand (as that wastes $$$).

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