602C or EXT

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It depends on what qualitys you are wanting to improve in the calves from the cows that you are breeding to. I have one 602 C daughter, bought from Stevensons last fall. She is about a 1450 to 1500 lb cow. I have her bred to EXT thinking that he will improvce the udder if she has a hfr calf. If satisfied I will bred to EXT again next year. Ext will clean up the udders, as well or better than any Angus Bull, besides adding style, feminity,and excellent quality.
I have never had any problems, but I have heard many others holler about EXT sons and daughters dispositions.
Anonymous":2ltbq9vk said:
Which would you choose? WHy?

Choose for what? 602C will get you larger framed cattle than EXT, but probably not as thick or muscled. I think 602C has a better marbling EPD and his scrotal EPD is better. EXT daughters are solid, good udders, strong maternal instincts. They each have strengths and weaknesses.....

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