5130 case ih

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May 28, 2019
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Eubank, ky
I’m going to look at a case ih 5130 tomorrow it comes with a loader cab 2wd. It has 8,000 hours on it it’s priced at 16,000. Anyone have and reviews on this tractor are they good bad. Is that to many hours. It will be a feed tractor and rake tractor and moving round bales. I’ll not be working it very had.


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Oct 14, 2016
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8,000 is plenty. That is normally where you will start to see some big repairs in the future.

Those have a Cummins engine, you'll seldom see a problem with those.

If it's a powershift, get it hot and make sure all the gears work. Shift solenoid and pressure switch problems are super common on those.

Since it's got a loader, lift up the front end and give it a wiggle, check for play in the pivot pin and also check the splines on the right side steering arm.

Flip the PTO shaft and make sure the 540/1000 shift mechanism works properly. That is another common issue, there are steel dowels that ride in grooves on the shaft sleeve, they will break, or the groove will wear out. If that is the case it will not engage 540, you won't be able to get the shaft inserted far enough to install the clip.

They are pretty good tractors, the biggest issues with them are electrical.

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