5 wk old calf cannot stand up

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Dec 10, 2007
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We vaccinated & wormed on Saturday- Pinkeye, Virashield 6, Ultrabac 8, pour on Ivermectin.
No hurry, very calm and easy. This is a 5 wk old Hereford/Angus bull calf. We also banded him.
He was fine and went out with the other calves- only seperated from mom maximum 3 hrs. Went out on Sunday AM and he was down in the barn and couldn't get up. Possibly run over by the big moms... called the vet and she advised to give him 10cc pen and some banamine. I have been doing so for the last few days... he is taking a bottle well and eating hay. Seems to be
getting a bit better....scooching around with his hind legs and on his front knees. Anyone out there have any experiences with this kind of thing? We did not give him tetnus ( I was unaware that it was necessary when banding). Thanks! :)
I guess I kind of go along with the big cattle running over him idea. The only other thought I would have would be some kind of host parasite reaction from the wormer, but I think that is far fetched.


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