5 day CIDR Protocol

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Nov 24, 2006
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I just recieved notification that ther is a 5 day CIDR Protocol published. I will have more information over the next few weeks but thought I would give everybody a heads up now.
Same here. I am looking for something new to use in synching my heifers and cows this spring. We have been doing timed AI, but have not had the results that I would like. If this looks promising, may use this in addition to the heat watch system so I do not miss many cows in heat since I have a job in town.
The 5 day protocol requires (2) shots of prostaglandin 8 hours apart. I don't synch that many cows but it sounds like a lot more effort (and another pass through the chute). Unless the results are a lot better than the seven day protocol it won't be worth it.
I got the final answer on the new protocol earlier today:

CIDR and GNRH in for five days
CIDR out and give Prostaglandin and then give prostaglandin again 8 hours later
Time AI at 72 hours and give GNRH

I don't know the conception rate difference from the 7 day cidr but I have to agree with redcows that unless it's markably better I don't think it's worth the extra time through the chute.
There are quite a few things in that protocol that do not fit with bovine endocrinology. 1) Without keeping the CIDR in for 7 days, you are not giving all of the cows a chance to form a CL. 2) The 2 shots of PGF2a within 8 hrs is redundant and the second shot should have no affect. 3) If a particular cow was receptive to this protocol, I would still expect her to be in heat within 48 hrs of pulling the CIDR, which means that if you breed at 72 hrs, you missed her.
I agree with what bigag said. Two prostaglandin shots makes absolutely no sense. I guess if one is good, two has to be better?
It was reported to me from my area manager after he returned from the Denver Stock Show. I don't know much more than what I have said here but he seems to think "the implications are huge!" It will be included in the Spring Sire Summary from ABS so I would expect to see more information an applications for this protocol soon.
I don't know if this makes much sense, but maybe this protocal would be used early after calving, say 30 days. To jump start your cows.
It could work to "jump start" the herd, but you wouldn't want to breed on that heat if your goal was to jump start short post-partum cows.
After trying a timed AI on my cows for two years, I said the heck with that. I still synchronized last year but only AI'd on observed heats. From the preg check and the looks of things, I did much better that way. Will no more shortly, cows are due Feb 12.
Alot of guys in our area are doing a bit of heat detecting after CIDR removal-then after a certain amount of time mass breeding the remainder that haven't showed standing heats. Estrus alerts have really made heat detecting alot less cumbersome. Myself after mass breeeding customers cattle all summer-I retire to the deck of a good saddle horse and ride and pull 'hots' with my kids. Kind of a nice way to spend a couple weeks or so till school starts.

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