4H steers 2020

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May 19, 2009
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BC Peace River country
A couple of calves I sold last fall to these girls for 4H project. They tell me their temperament has been unbelievable and they gained very well. Unfortunately there will be no show due to the Covid deal, but I am hoping to get carcass data and rate of gain info from them in July when it's all over.

So the 4H sale was today, they did it mostly online due to the Covid deal, ran the steers through the ring with just a few buyers in the stands.
Community support was fantastic. I was registered to bid but it was too rich for my blood.
The steer in the top picture weighed 1410 lbs, $3.75/lb, $5,287.50
The steer in the bottom pic weighed 1515 lbs, $5.00/lb, $7,575.00 :shock:

Not sure if it's a good lesson in the beef industry to sell calves for that much, but it was great to see the support regardless.
I'm hoping to get the carcass data to see how well they did.
Sure glad for the kids, they work hard to get calves broke trained and fed out. Good looking steers congratulations to both these young ladies for completing their project in what all of us have come to know as the year from a horror movie.


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