4 month old kitten having problems

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Nov 29, 2008
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4 months ago my father found a pair of kittens while working on some plumbing at a local school. The kittens where only days old, didn’t even have their eyes open and they where both half drowned in a pipe full of water. Luckily he got them out and rushed them home. We bottle fed them and both sisters where doing great. But I’ve noticed recently that one of my girls isn’t quite right.

She dips her back, walks on the tips of her toes (in the hind legs only) with her legs tucked up underneath her, and sometimes she will just flop over on her side and make a sounded that is crossed between a purr and a meow that remains in her throat. During those times I gently placed my hands on her rear to see if her muscles where convulsing but she is completely still. Her tail gets really stiff and only the end of it will twitch at random intervals. Then she will jump up shake her self and trot away.

She’s eating regularly, drinks her water, she gets her crazy bursts of energy where she feels she must run all over the house and jump up on everything but several times a day she will dip her back as I said. We’ve never hand cats before and I’m not sure if I’m making something out of nothing but I’m still concerned. Any advice or opinions would be greatly appreciated.

Talk to your vet, he/she is in a much better position to answer this question than we are.
First of all, Bless Your Dads Heart for getting them out of there and caring enough to bring them home!! :clap: :tiphat:

You are right, this isn't something normal. It is hard to guess what might be the problem, but I'd imagine something happened to that kitten in the process of getting to the water pipe (maybe they fell in ~ whatever). I am thinking the damage is neurological or some type of nerve damage (I am thinking seizures maybe). Either way ~ if you take it to the vet they will run tests, tell you whats wrong with it (maybe) then tell you you cannot fix it. If the kitten is otherwise healthy, I would not worry about it as it does not appear to affect her quality of life. The only thing I would have you consider if she is the type to go out of the house, is consider having her declawed (normally I am VERY against this), it will prevent her from climing a tree or something else, having a spell and falling unprotected. Best just keep her in.
Thank you so much for taking the time to answer :D I truly do appreciate it. I will make an appointment with the vet in the morning and hopeful get this all sorted out.

Thanks Again
Could be she is epileptic or has a similar disorder...my grandparent's dog is epileptic, the vet has him take phenobarbital pills and he is fine...I'd check with your vet.
We took the kitten to the vet and he suggested we leave her for a few days for observation purposes. After two days in the clinic and no odd behavior, a male cat came into the clinic and was placed in the cage below our kittens. She placed her butt up against the cage and began her odd behavior.

Also while she was at the vet, the sister of the odd ball began doing the same thing. The vet suggested that more so than mental, our kittens are simply developing and oddly enough are just horny. Of all things. :lol2:

They are other wise perfectly healthy kittens and don’t seem to have any other issues. I just wanted to thank everyone once again for their input. I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season!

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