4 month old Calf, fever and limp

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Mar 7, 2017
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Northwest GA
Vet can't come out today so I thought I'd post here. I've got a 4 month old heifer calf that's been limping for about 3 days. We put her in the chute yesterday and looked her foot over and found a little hole in the bottom of her front left hoof. We gave her some la-300 and sent her on her way. Well today it looked like she was limping a little worse so checked her again, cleaned it up with a little bleach water, and checked her temp which was 104.1. We've got her penned up for now thinking about leaving her overnight since it's dry in the barn and every where else is a mud hole. Any other suggestions?
Just have a talk with her and let her know it would be best if she stayed off that foot for awhile. I hate foot problems it always seems thers nothing you can really do to get them healed up. I usually don't even get a cow up unless it's been limping for a week or more. I've probably had the best luck using Draxxin for foot problems. After reading that I'm really not much help to you, good luck hope she gets better.

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