3 year old cow having first calf

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I am getting ready to bring home a 3 year old cow that is going to have her first calf. She lost her cervical plug 2 weeks ago. The owner took her to the vet 1 week ago to find out what is going on. He palpated her and said the calf was fine and she still had some time before the calf would be born and some cows pass the plug way before they go into labor. I have been waiting to pick her up because I know very little about bovine. I raise horses and this is not normal for a horse. When I go get her she will have a 4 hours ride. I guess I am asking if it is safe to bring her home at this stage. I don't want to take any chances on doing harm to her or her calf. She is a miniature Zebu and stands about 39". I believe the bull is 37". I would appreciate an answer as I plan on going on Tuesday to get her.
Thank you.
I would wait until she calves to bring her that far. It also will stress her out bringing her to a new location so I think it would be best to wait. Just my opinion!

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