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Dec 17, 2006
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Has anyone used a 3 point backhoe attachment? I know they are lighter duty than a regular backhoe, but will they get the job done? Im talkin some trenching, diggin a hole now and then type thing. Not planning on digging a basement or doing major construction. Also my ground isnt full of giant rocks or stumps. Found one for 2500, including pto pump. Any thoughts??
I would guess that if you just need the odd post hole, etc, it's reasonable to have a 3pt hitch model, even if it can't do everything you want it to do, you're never going to want to live without something that digs! if it has it's own hydraulic system, it should be half decent, it's virtually impossible for a tractor's system to deliver the flow you need for digging.. check out the pivot bearings and all the pins carefully! Ours is mounted on the back of a small crawler, it is heavy duty and powerful, but really badly worn out... you can't dig a ditch less than 2 feet wide with a 1 ft bucket
Depends how big the unit is. Most that I have seen have been on 4000 series JD. They work well in tight areas or making repairs where you just need a hole. On average, they will dig 7 to 9 ft. and dig comfortably at 0 to 3 ft. They are not very fast or smooth for long trenching. The buckets are usually too light to dig very much in rock. The price sounds good if in fair condition. The last one I bought 10 years ago was $8,000.00. They are kind of like 4 wheel drive. When you need it, its nice to have it!
That's all good to hear. This unit is new, has its own hydraulics and comes with a pto pump. From what I have seen its a very good buy. Seeing similar models, same power, same digging depth, run 4 to 5 thousand dollars with no pump. I was looking on the internet for info on a 3 point unit,....not much for reviews out there.

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