25th class reunion

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Apr 28, 2005
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well my 25th class reunion was yesterday afternoon an last nite.an i had no intention of going to it.but an old buddy called an said he was coming to get me.an as hard as i tryed to get out of going he was on his way.so i went to see all my old classmates.but since i hadnt seen him in 25yrs that was the only reason i was going.talk about going back in time.thats what we did was talk about the wild crazy times in school.an im very proud to say i stayed sober.cant say that for a few of the guys tho.they was already loaded pretty good when i got there.an they was still watching out after me the whole time.
Last reunion I went to I couldn't believe how old everybody got. :shock:
And I don't much care for hanging around old people. :???:
well they was talking saying i was the 1 that had prolly changed the most fore i got there.an when they seen me they thought i was the same.but theres 2 of us that has put our bodies through the ringer.an can barely get around.
That's funny I went to the alumni dinner here last night for my 25th class reunion. Only two other people from my class showed up and it was pretty lame. I had a strange class, most of them never learned how to have a good time and where rather snide. That's OK I had a good enough time for all of us. Life's to short not to enjoy it and you just got to make to best of what you got.
I've never gone to any of my reunions. Funny.. I didn't have many close friends in school, and the ones I did have kinda drifted away. I grew up in a suburban area, and most of my classmates have not only stayed in the same area, they are married, kids, grandkids, etc. etc. I moved away, married and never had kids, and bought a ranch! I'm sure they'd consider me an alien at a reunion!

How many of you keep up with classmates?
ive kept up with a few of my classmates over 25yrs.8 of us live close togather.i wasnt going to the reunion.an a friend i havent seen in 25yrs was there an called me to come to the reunion.so he came an got me.we fired the grill up an sat in the backyard an ate talked an drank till 1030.an i was 1 of the few sober 1s.
I take it that you quite drinking, it's been a little over a year now since I took my last drink. It was getting to be a bit of a problem, good for you. :D
How many of you keep up with classmates?

Still have contact with my best school buddy on a weekly basis. The rest varies from not having heard a word from them in 15 years to chatting on facebook every six months or so.

Still have quite a few university friends that I keep in touch with.

Attended 1 high school reunion and that will probably be the last one I'll attend, there is a reason we haven't kept in touch it seems
My 25th was not that big of a surprise. Some folks are still doing the things we were doing back when we were kids (partying all the time). Some have done well for themselves. Some just aren't happy with where they have gone with their lives. When I left, I felt good about myself.

Some of my classmates remain good friends. Some are slightly older/younger. Many other HS friends and I just no longer have anything in common. It is good to see them when we bump into one another but for the most part, we no longer share any interests.
if i drink i dont get drunk.i just wasnt drinking anything that nite.an i know my limits.but it was a fun day.
Never received an invite to any reunion...suppose the folks think I dead or something...not that I was a real popular and likeable fella back then. Do keep in touch with some of my old friends, Susie calls them cronies now. Closer to the 50th than I care to immangine, maybe I should get on line and let someone know that I'm available to attend such a gathering...free of charge.
Dave Mc

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