2024 summer garden..

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Got a good rain last night and helped the garden already. I just got the tomatoes stuck, suckered and sprayed for disease so they ought to grow. I reduced my garden down this year as I have a lot left over.






Dang nice looking garden. With all the rain we are having a tough time keeping up with the weeds
Corn, pumpkin, purple beans, beets, green pep, jalapeno and habenero, cucumbers, sweet peas, lettuce, tomatoes and spices of course.
We buy Mississippi sweets for $12 a case local grocery. Starters cost more...
This is my flooded end. Not one watermelon came up, bummer!

Envy your garden pics J, Very nice!
Would like to plant more, but cows eat grass...


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I planted early and probably too much nitrogen from litter stuff boomed ... I can't cultivate anymore lol


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Corn tasseling already, highest corn I see here is about 18 inches tall in the fields...many are way ahead of me because I had a huge brush pile in the garden to burn.... but it is plowed and started planting... tomatoes and peppers in, started with some other stuff. Hope to get the rest in, in the next week... It will be late coming along but we are ahead of things on hay making so it will balance out.

Garden looks GREAT. I am not into all the perfect rows... mine will be getting mulched as fast as I can...
Skyhightree I thought I was early, but you have corn tasseling already. A lot of your garden looks like it is already being harvested. Your pepper looks good and not far from producing.

I have another garden I put peppers in that is my mother's (she is 88) as they do better in it. Here it is as it is just out from my garden. Everything seems to be doing good except for the peanuts and they didn't come up.

Had a devil of a time getting peas, cukes, squash, carrots and okra to germinate this year. Neighbors report the same thing.

We had that problem last year, same list! Our cucumbers and peas are in tubs this year. Doing much better. We gave up on carrots and squash this year.

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