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Her head/face shape, combined with that coat pattern. makes me think she is a LH cross.
No way Jose! 😳
😆 🤣 😂

Here's new pics everyone!
My lil south acre/pen is working out well so far.
She don't match the group. My mistake. I bet she grows tho! She also made the other calves cheaper....
Push me, shove you...
O yeah? Says who!


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Looks like Chrome is a little high headed. She'll probably calm down with the others leading her to feed. If she outgrows the others, or if you want the sale barn to sell her separately, she won't hurt the price on the others.
I think your Beefmaster information is solid @MurraysMutts

That red mot is shiny.
I like her too!

She sold with her pasture mate, the solid black heifer.

Kinda odd about the black/white one. She's actually the calmest of the 3. Look forward to seeing em get big!
Turn out day!!
I must admit, there is something very satisfying about calves in belly deep grass.
Since I sold a bunch of cows, the grass has really grown. This is just the winter feeding area so it's a little rough. The main pasture is nothing short of amazing.
We plan on cutting the main pasture for hay this year. With only 6 calves, we are hoping the "home" area will be enough for the calves. About 20 acres. A drought may sure end that in a hurry tho.
There's always that one idiot.....
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It's nice having them broke to feed bunks. I got em all sprayed for flies with ease!
The hairy ones are starting to slick up a little. Shed that extra fur. They'll look nicer soon!
Needs a pitchfork poke in the butt for that. I spend 2-3 days working on manners at the dinner table with every bunch.
You need a few more in there.
I agree! It's only 7 or 8 acres at a friends place. But they are little calves. Place ain't been grazed in years!
I think 3 or 4 more would really help clean it up a bit. Maybe can't run that many next year, but it'd sure look better.

I tried to buy a couple more Thursday. Damn things were over my budget. I think anything I buy now is going to bring my average up.
They've ALL been wormed at purchase. Coming right along. The home group is starting to slick off finally.
The "brown one" on the right may be genetic. 😆
Pretty lil ladies all in a row. They see it....
Even my ugly duckling hereford is coming along. She was super cheap and ugly as heck. Still quite homely... short ears and all.
Time is on our side. At least that super curly hair has shed out.

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