2024 Maternal Gems Sale

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Oct 12, 2009
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Molino Florida
It's that time of year again. Time to select for the Gems sale. This is the only sale we participate in each year so I always try to send top end cattle. This year I have targeted 6 pair and we started palpating heifers this week I like to send heifers that are safe AI. We usually send 6 to 8 bred heifers so fun times.
Picture Dump time. I still haven't made a decision on the heifers but starting the process!IMG_9687 9184.JPG
This is Ingram Blackcap May 9184 she is slotted for the sale at this point. She has a bull calf at side out of our Gizmo Boss 2034 bull she is a Raindance out of Blackcap May 8961.

IMG_9708 375.JPG
This is 9184's bull calf out of our Gizmo Boss 2034 bull he is a Gizmo D Boss D45 (a bull we liked enough to collect and continue using) X Gizmo Evergreen a cow that is raising her 13th calf and is a multiple time Pathfinder in our herd. He is going to be a stud.
IMG_9688 F76.JPG
F76 nicknamed tank for a reason she is a Giz Rainmaker C37 daughter C37 was out of Rainmaker 6169 and Chloe Juanada 7009 her dam traces back to our original pride cow Finks Pride 065 a cow we flushed at 13 years of age. Very nice cow for sure
IMG_9689 318.JPG
IMG_9690 318.JPG
318 is a heifer calf that I will probable regret letting go she is out of F76 and Coleman Resolve I am loving the Resolve females they are soggy.
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How many do you think you will consign?
Group so far looks great.
I have 6 pair that I'm looking at and 6 to 8 bred heifers we palpated three of the six cows today all 3 were safe AI the other 3 will be bull bred. The heifers have already been palpated so now it's just figuring out what direction I'm going to go.
Well I have the 6 bred heifers selected. I hope folks will like them I think its a solid group.

Gizmo Blackcap May 220 A Coleman Resolve 7219 daughter that traces back to our donor Blackcap May 0524. She was called safe to the AI date to Yon County Road H1389

Gizmo Abigale 229 a Coleman Triumph 9145 out of Bohi Abigale 6062 called safe to the AI date to SAV Rainfall 6846. We are using her flush brother as clean up on a group of cows this year.
Gizmo Queen Mother 242 X Giz Abundance G65 we lost the bull before the end of his first breeding season with an injury the calves have been really nice. She was called safe to the AI date to Yon County Road H1389

Gizmo Norma 245 Regard 1701 daughter out of a New Design female palpated safe to the AI date to SAV Rainfall 6846
Another Regard 1701 daughter out of the Pride cow family. She traces back to a cow we flushed at 13 years old that we still plug into the program they are not the most beautiful cows in the pasture but they sure do get the job done. Palpated safe to the AI date to SS Niagara Z29

Another Giz Abundance G65 daughter out of our Stephanie cow family palpated safe to AI date to SS Niagara Z29 The G65 bull sure stamped them with depth and width they should make some really good cows.
Good cattle what i have found about SAV cattle use the cow use the bull sav do cross well but better back into there own ive bred a lot of them.
375 seems to show crossing a Gizmo to a Gizmo works out too
We had picture and video day at the farm today. I will post some of the photos once I get them from the photographer. He had us bring out one of the girls show steers and hold it at the far end of picture pen from gate. It was amazing how much that helped it slowed them down so they don't just run across the pen. Hopefully we got some good photos and videos I know I'm a tired granny tonight. 86EFA509-303B-45BD-A199-7B86925ED7D2.jpeg088D3248-998F-4C75-968F-BCB875284E9D.jpegF9E0E9B0-7BF3-470B-8679-DE4CD99E0930.jpeg
When is the sale, @gizmom ?
May 14th in Union Springs Alabama. We have 6 cow calf pairs and 5 bred heifers consigned. I have not been as active promoting the sale this year the boss and I have decided to sell our home place and move to the farm. We will be building a house at the farm. We are scheduled to close on 4/22 so needless to say we have been busy packing and trying to get the house ready for the new owners. We have been here a long time so lots of memories it has been harder emotionally than I expected. I know it's going to be easier on us not to be running to the farm two and three times a day but I'm still going to miss this place.

I can't wait to see the pictures and videos I hate picture day it's stressful but love the end results. I just want to see if pictures and video can do justice to the F76 cow she is a beast and I mean that she is as powerful a female as you will find, the definition of soggy!
Oh - Gizmom - that is an understatement. Picture day is GRUELLING---exhausting. Great idea having an animal on halter. We try everything. If anyone out there has more ideas to get "ears up", chime in!
Having an energetic granddaughter jumping up and down helps 😂
Great set of cows and heifers. F76 is impressive. Wish it wasn't so far too western Oklahoma. You have a true breeding program. Our results with SAV genetics has been mixed.
Thanks Elk the F76 is a good example of my breeding using different bulls to enhance whatever I feel the cow needs. I'm not talking about numbers that is the last thing on my list I know a lot of folks breed by numbers I'm not saying that's wrong it just isn't how I choose to do it. And to be honest I'm to old and cranky to change my ways lol.IMG_8736.png