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Feb 3, 2008
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Central Texas
And 4 1/2 inches of rain. What a difference it makes.

We are finally getting some rain and it is greening up like Spring.

My millet planted April 24th.

I'm sold, it is some tough drought tollerant stuff to survive 2 months without rain and bounce back like this. This was just 2 week ago.
Well, 82. I'm concerned, That millet is really looking good but your gonna be in Missouri drinking grog so, I really hate to see that millet go bad while your gone so, I'll volunteer take care of it while your gone :nod: You won't have to worry about a thing.
Thanks for the offer but I got the baling crew working on it right now. They are mowin, baling and fertilizing all at the same time. :D
When did you get the rain? We got about an inch and a half day before yesterday. Whohoo! Have chances through tomorrow, then back to 100's for the rest of the week
First inch and a half was June 30 then 2/10ths on July 1. Next rain was 3 inches on the 20th. Then a half inch July 30 and and inch on the 31st. Hope August fairs as well. :nod:
They are spending a lot of time on it.

Going to turn another group on this tomorrow. It is real thin or I'd consider cutting it.

A couple weeks ago it looked like this.
It sure can bounce back can't it? Looks like the rain finally left us today. Theoretically, we should have several good days of dry weather. I got everything hooked up and ready to go so hopefully tommorrow or Wednesday the ground will be dry enough for me to put some hay on the ground. Won't be cutting any high quality stuff but there will be lots of it cause its rank.
Maybe it is because we haven't seen anything green in so long, but it sure looks good around here right now. Could swear it were spring if it weren't so hot. Been a long time since August was this green. Checked the forecast and they have put rain chances in for Saturday and Sunday. Hope they aren't lying. We need to keep this stuff growing.

Jogee, hope you don't have another Monday when you start get to the hay patch.

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