2 more Limousin bull pics

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Apr 5, 2008
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Central, WI
First pic is coming three year old in earlier post. Picture was taken in May. Second is a bull that we are keeping either to sell or use. He is a March calf. His actual weight on November 7 was 816#. His bw was 95. Just a note to red bull breeder, his dam is red and she is our best cow. She is out of SY Bankdraft. A bull Herman Symens raised.
That's a good looking bull. Do you have a market for 95 pound birth weight?
I think a lot of it depends on how you feed your cows. Most of our cows get fed haylage that any dairy farmer would love to feed his dairy cows. That is a big difference in nutrition compared to cows that get quack grass round bales and corn stalks. I am not going to sell a bull with a 95# BW as a heifer bull. Lets face it though not every bull will throw 70# calves and have them wean at 700 pounds. I would rather have a 95# calf born and grow good than an 70# calf born and weigh a 100 pounds less at weaning. None of my bull buyers have ever got paid for birth weight on a calf.
I would like to see some better pictures if you could get them. Side views mainly

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