2 Heifers. . .

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May 23, 2008
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These aren't mine so yeah say what ever you want, I realize they aren't eye poppers but. . .would you keep them? Both are about 6 months old

#1 - HerefordXBrahmanXSimm X Simm


#2 - SimmXAngusXBrahman X Simm

I like the 2nd one best, seems to have more depth of body than the first. How are they compared to the rest of your heifers, growth wise? This is one of the factors we use in determining replacements -- 205 day weight.
I like the 2nd one too. The first one 's head looks to big for it's body. Maybe it's the way she is standing. i myself would keep the # 2 heifer.
They're nice looking heifers. But if you get black and white spotted calves out of them, the sale barn jockeys may discount them as Holsteins. I'm especially looking at the spotted animal over the back of the baldie in the first picture.
Keep them for, what, replacements? They look okay.. nothing special as you already indicated. But if they're out of good dams, and have the potential to raise a good calf, why not?
I guess I would want to know a little more about them... how the dam produces, weights, ages...but I like the second one much better.
I personally would not keep them. I like em with only the face white or mottled... :nod:

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