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Aug 15, 2006
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Yep,got the first produce from my pots-------3 Bib lettius leaves!!! :banana: Had them on a ham sandwich... :lol2: got tomato blooms..
LoveMoo11":2q34sxcb said:
yay! I am just breaking ground and getting things ready for planting...enjoy :D
Same here. Everything needs one more pass with the tiller but every time it gets almost dry enough to do it, it rains again. They are calling for it to start raining again this evening and rain most of the weekend. The 15th was our average last frost date, so we may be OK there. Oh well, the garden's loss is the hayfields' gain.
Had everything in the ground -- the shock of transplanting was done, things were beginning to thrive...

...and then that stinkin' weather liar said lows in the upper 40's and we had FROST! :( -- all black/purple leaves Wednesday morning...

Time to start over and we'll have to go to the store to get plants this time... :cry2:

...and yes... I said FROST in California...
I got a green bean!! Hope to get enough for a serving soon:lol2: squash are blooming,no baby squash yet.. corn is about 3ft tall,no tassels yet.. tomatos are blooming and growing tall..found a tomato plant in back where I threw some rotten tomatos in a carton. Gotta move it,not enough sun there.. also threw out some carneval squash seed,thought birds would eat them,but they grew! Gotta get more pots..I have photos of my "garden"on a disc,but don't know how to post yet.
Sounds like its going to town! Corn is definitely moving on. My cherry tomatoes are blooming really well but my others tomatoes haven't set the first bloom. I'm ready for some fresh veggies.
I am too. storebought tomatos just don't cut it. squash are 1.75 a pound!
No fair! My tomatoes are just little bits and my squash are just sprouting. I am hoping that this rain will help things along.

When did you plant? December? :D
March ! I got 3 green beans! Not to sure what to do with them,so wraped them an a damp paper towel and have them in the refredgerator. More to come.. I have bitty tomatos!
I'd just put them in a covered dish with some butter and salt and nuke them for a minute. I don't think I could delay tasting the taste of spring any longer. Some of my beans are beginning to flower. I wish I had planted my carrots a little sooner cause I really look forward to carrots, taters and beans. (with some salt pork in it)

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