1954 Hereford bull book

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Mar 3, 2005
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I was going thru my book shelf and I came across "The American Hereford Journal" Herd bull edition from July 1 1954. I have no idea where I got it, I think it was a gift from my wife when we first started with Herefords. Where she obtained it I have no idea, maybe an auction. It has almost 1000 pages, the last few are missing. I would estimate 85% of the bulls are horned with the rest being advertised as polled. If anyone wanted to make copies of pages that would be fine if time and distance allow. All the bulls are so different from those of today. In all honesty they would appear in many cases to be minatures. A few have more frame. I don't know if this is worth sharing but what the heck. farmguy
PS In the back is a list of advertisers separated by horned or polled. Kinda interesting. I hope to look up a few names. farmguy
Too bad Idaman is no longer with us, he would probably know some of the Bulls in there and may have used some sons.

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