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Marty Robbins, one of the great singers....

How is the back situation @Caustic Burno ? You were going for some dr appts... might have missed the update...
Rheumatologist started me on Enbrel to stop the arthritis degenerative condition.

C-3 above the fusion is causing cord compression due to arthritis.
L4 and 5 are failing as well due to arthritis.
Still discussing surgical options.
Can't outrun your DNA.
Within a few hours of the time of this post, in 1836, the Battle of San Jacinto was started and over with the bulk of the Mexican forces in flee-for-our-lives mode within 18 minutes and thus Texas became a nation, then a state. It changed the look and future of the USA forever.

1836 Texas.jpg

(and on this date, 30 years ago, I had my first date with my current wife while on an oilfield job out near Midland.
I soon found out that She, having been born in Georgia but spending much of her younger life in some far off foreign land vaguely referred to as 'the quad cities' knew nothing of the significance of April 21.
She knew it well before that day and date were over.)
Marty Robbins died way too young at 57 after three heart attacks. The guy could sing and race cars.
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