18 month holstein heifer not cycling

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Apr 21, 2016
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I own a couple of holstein heifers. One of them started cycling when she was around 10 months old. I can definitely tell when she is cycling. The other heifer I have is probably about 18 to 19 months old. I haven't noticed her cycling at all. She doesn't show the normal signs my other heifer shows when she is in heat. I know everyone's first thought might be that she is a free martin, but I got her from someone I know and I doubt this is the case. I am not sure what to do, anyone got any tips?
Have a qualified vet do a Repro Tract Score on her. Based on the results of that I would ddecide what my next move would be. Concerning freemartins. If a heifer is conceived twin to a bull and the bull gets reabsorbed or slips you can still have the freemartin effect.
Yeah, Dun is right, the possibility that she was a twin to a bull that was reabsorbed is there, or she could have gotten bred young, unless you got them as very young heifers. Have known some jerseys to cycle at 6 months. There is also a few that just don't have all the right parts even when they are not twins/free martins. Not all beef heifers will breed either....just part of nature. But I would get a vet to do an exam the next time he is out to your place for something. If she is no good, then she will make a decent beef for you. One other thing to consider; if she seems to be "all there" and is just not cycling, you still might want to reconsider keeping her. A problem breeder as a heifer/young cow is usually a problem for life. Not always, but you don't want to perpetuate a problem....
Sometimes we try to "save" ones that nature would cull out as breeders because they are pets, or had a real nice calf the first time but it is 2 years and she is hard to settle...all sorts of excuses. Been there, done that....
You don't need a vet to see if she is a freemartin or infertile. If you get a plastic gun that you use to insert CIDR's you can attempt to insert that in her...if you can't get it in then you likely have a freemartin. That's the cheaper way to find out.

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