15 Year Old Cow & Calf

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Apr 21, 2008
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NSW Australia
Here is Katharine Odhar of Rahil Park - (et), a 15yr old Silver Dun highland I was recently given the opportunity to purchase Katharine earlier this month she has a silver dun bull calf at foot I also own her black daughter Charlotte along with her neice Crystal. I was able to name her bull calf, so I called him Tighearnan Odhar (means Little Lord)


Tighearnan - aka Tiger
Gee she's aged well. And a beautiful horn set. The little tyke is a fluffy guy isn't he. I posted a photo in the Australian thread of Silver Dawn of MacLadanae. She's rinsed and its not a good photo but you might be interested. We didn't do well. Judged actually giggled when I walked her into the ring.
Yes Katharine is holding her age really well & both are gaining weight which is a good sign, Katharine's ribs & hips don't seem to stick out anymore & Tiger seems to have just taken off growing. Amazing what a couple of weeks on green feed will do - they both came out of the bush fire region in vic.
It's a small world isn't it the bull calf & her last years heifer are both by Haydon of Mac-Ladanae & Silver Dawn is Katharine's grand daughter :D :lol:
And Katrine, Silver Dawns dam is Katherines daughter yes? Silver Dawn is sired by Prince Charles if I remember. I had a great time with the Highlands. So much more respect for them now,
I agree she is exceptional especially for her age congrats on your purchase. If my dad and some of his family had any say or influence I would have a herd of Highlands.
Australian":2cq0opxz said:
They are an intriguing breed of cattle. They are one of those breeds that are greatly underrated. I want to AI a Highland to a Brahman one day just see what I get.

I want to try alot of things as well just to see if I am on to something, as there are so many exceptional cattle out there. I am afraid I might be locked up for suggesting it. :lol2:

Bigbull wants me to cross my GV's with a beefmaster and I am tempted just to see what I get. Also MG's would be a good cross a well. :?
I know what you all mean I've had the pleasure of seeing first hand what a Square Meaters x highland looks like (finishe on grass alone) I've seen dairy crosses & soon to see another Angus x (anyday now) I' have tossed around the thought of having purebred females & using our Lowline bull over the cows or some other beef bull, but I keep thinking I should stay with the pure / fullblood highlands & leave the crossing to everyone else.
I could jump the band wagon & start breeding miniatures or polled I will certainly have enough xbreds this year to do so or maybe I could slip a Dexter straw into 1 of the heifers now that would be an interesting mix :oops: Oops there I go again :D :lol2:
aussie_cowgirl":uoocn2d5 said:
Judged actually giggled when I walked her into the ring.

He probably doesn't see many Highlands where he comes from- would be a bit of a novelty I'd say!
They are both very nice examples of the Highland breed. I would like to add some silver to our fold of black and red Highlands.

Not sure if it's made it to Australia yet, (it is probably going to DVD already) but I saw a trailer for a movie called "year one". Those of you with Highlands would probably have a laugh...the mannerisms are spot on.


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