$100 cow

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Up until 2020 i would buy hay during the summer then buy lightweight calves in september when they were cheap the sell them in may and would clear a little money. Since then i've been buying young bred cows and selling the 4 weight calves i don't keep and i break even but i gain a heifer or two. I don't have the land to take either model to a scale where i could make a real living.
I raise 90% corriente cows but I do have a few unknowns or cheap bought second chance beef cows I bought some 3-4 year old open underweight angus type cows for $300-$325 a head last Monday run them through chute La200 ivermectin injectable put them on hay with mineral and a protein tub. I just picked up a lease place that they will call home soon as I know they will stay home not be fence hole hunters
i bought some skinny cows like that a couple of years ago and did ok. They weren't checked but ended up being bred. I kept one long enough to get a second calf off of her. She was a money maker. Her first calf covered what i gave for her
So you got a 90% return on your investment in 5 months? That doesn't sound too bad. Did you spend more than $90.00 on vet and feed bills?
Figure 3 rolls of hay at 30 a roll
Round of ivermectin
Round of LA300
Fuel to haul her from barn to house
Fuel to haul her from house to barb
$7 for palpate and age yea I'm in the hole a few bucks

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