1 Year Vaccines?

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Apr 25, 2004
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College Station, Texas
well my bull is coming on 1 year old now, and im curious if there is any vaccines or shots i need to give him at 1 year. since im still fairly new to cattle, i dont really know all of the shots and vaccines that cattle should have or are required to have.
Your first step should be to contact the breeder that you bought him from to find out what he was given as a calf. This way you will know what to give him for annual boosters.

Next, do like C & C suggests and get with your vet and share with him the information you received from the breeder. Give him boosters where required, and new products as recommended by your practicioner. If I were having it done, I would get the vet to do it when I was in for a new Health Certificate for the Fall shows.

Then, I would get the vet to list the shots given on the H/C so you will have a record of them that matches his ID. Be sure he documents the Lot Numbers and Expiration Dates for you. Keeping up with them is a good habit to get into.

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