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    Ultra thin cow has me concerned

    Time to call the vet.
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    Bottle calf! Some say I'm crazy...

    You dodged a bullet. That's a $50 calf.
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    Steer Calves Video

    Really nice looking group of calves.
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    Most of the ones I've seen breed back. Sometimes the bad ones get scarring inside the uterus that prevents them from settling. If you're able to handle her, a couple of lutalyse shots prior to breeding can help clean out any dirt or debris that might not have gotten washed off before putting the...
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    Covid petition, Great Barrington Declaration

    Herd immunity will be virtually impossible to achieve without a vaccine.
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    And Now the POTUS and his wife are tested positive...

    Timber fellers and commercial fishermen are a small population of people who all choose that position. If every American workplace suddenly assumed the mortality rate of a commercial fishing boat, you can bet we'd shut it down until something changed.
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    And Now the POTUS and his wife are tested positive...

    https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/nvss/vsrr/covid19/excess_deaths.htm The answer to your question is yes, the US death toll is up well over 200,000 deaths from average since Feb 1st of this year, so we can set aside the notion that lives are only being shortened by a couple of months.
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    And Now the POTUS and his wife are tested positive...

    It's noteworthy that you chose the most dangerous state for driving and the lowest risk age group for Covid, and Covid is still more dangerous. Maybe that means something?
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    And Now the POTUS and his wife are tested positive...

    Small risks add up to huge impacts when applied to a large population. If 0.1% of flights ended in a deadly crash, that would mean roughly 45 deadly plane crashes in the US every day. If 45 jets fell out of the sky tomorrow, would you be complaining that they shut down the airlines despite 99.9%...
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    Shooting Cow....

    Around here you'd be lucky to find a vet willing to do that. Most clinics don't own a dart gun or keep it a "secret" exactly to avoid jobs like this one. It always ends up being more dangerous, time consuming, and expensive than people expect. Chaded is on the right track. Get her before she...
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    Covid-19 deaths

    How many have been killed by tyrannical requirements to wear a face mask?
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    Covid-19 deaths

    Well, I have no net worth, but I'm happy to contribute more in the form of income tax, and my choice at the polls reflects that. I also make donations to a couple of local charities. Funny how the people that think money's too tight to feed the hungry always seem to be able to justify a tax cut.
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    Covid-19 deaths

    And nary a word to the contrary. We're left to interpret the message and spirit of the text. The Pope seems to agree that it is government's duty to care for those in need. He's probably read the New Testament once or twice.
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    Covid-19 deaths

    Resembles the rhetoric, perhaps, but in practice looks very different. I'd say it sounds a lot like the teachings of Jesus. Much better than "allow everyone to fend for themselves, and if they die, they die."
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    Covid-19 deaths

    That's a moving story. Nobody should starve to death. But then again, nobody should be forced to risk Covid infection because it's their only way of getting a meal. We can't ignore Covid and pretend all would be well. As I said, we need to provide financial support and sustenance for the needy...
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    Covid-19 deaths

    It's a false choice. The mandates aren't killing business; the virus is. Whether restrictions are imposed or the virus is allowed to rage at its own pace, businesses are going to suffer. We can mitigate the negatives by providing relief for people who lose their jobs, providing food for the...
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    Covid-19 deaths

    This sounds like one of those urban legends that gets passed around with everyone saying "I knew a guy who...". People rarely die directly from cancer. It's the subsequent infections, organ failure, etc. that get them. The death certificate reflects that and will list multiple causes of death in...
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    Covid-19 deaths

    That's specious reasoning. The life expectancy of the average 77 year old man is nearly 10 more years. https://www.ssa.gov/oact/STATS/table4c6.html
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    If you vaccinate the warts will eventually fall off. If you don't vaccinate the warts will eventually fall off. Your choice.
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    Finishing steers soon

    He looks good to me, and I agree that he looks to be more than 900 pounds from the pictures. Some times when you see an animal every day it's harder to notice them growing. Do you know the parentage of these animals at all? Some small framed animals will finish out at 1000-1200 pounds. I would...