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    Angus Sire too Add Bone Structure.

    This guy Coleman Rito 974 will add lots to offspring. Makes great females. He is 11 yrs old this year and is going to be put with some cows
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    Big Elban of Graham Bulls

    Would you mind sharing pedigrees?
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    Big Elban of Graham Bulls

    Ebenezer Have you used any of the Graham genetics?
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    Big Elban of Graham Bulls

    Yep agree with that everybody can use a calculator but some calculate to much and it don't add up.
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    Big Elban of Graham Bulls

    I went to ai class last weekend and the instructor said that 70% of semen gets throw out or disposed of. That gets expensive
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    Big Elban of Graham Bulls

    Were they collected? Or is it very rare?
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    Big Elban of Graham Bulls

    I am interested in these bulls does anyone have pictures of any of the older ones? Around the 1980s. One I was looking at was Big Elban of Graham 18612. Any semen floating around?
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    Thanks Gizmom and family

    The twins are a heifer and a bull out of 1046 cow
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    Thanks Gizmom and family

    And look what I got!
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    How to mix dry ice and alcohol freeze brand

    We used to use the purest form of alcohol we could get and then this year a friend said they just use gas out of the pump so that is what we did and had the best brands we have ever had. Use plenty of dry ice if that is what you are using.
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    Thanks Gizmom and family

    Holm25 yes they are all bred should start calving in a week or two. Gizmom I am sorry the boss got hurt. I am excited what these cows will do. The Bridget cow family has a real good reputation so I think they will do great. TC Ranch I am just north of Wichita
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    Thanks Gizmom and family

    Purchased three cows from them. They had some cow bloodlines that I was very interested in and was able to purchase them and they even brought them up here. Very nice to deal with. Thanks again.
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    Unintentional Inbreeding/Linebreeding

    Is there any given on what will come out with line breeding or close sib mating? Have you seen the good traits multiply or the bad ones? Does it depend on what you started with what comes out? Obviously you did it because you really like what they were and wanted more. So were you happy with...
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    SAV America has a long way to go

    Don't look like the spine ties into the shoulder well to me. How consistent are the calves of these bulls going to be? At our sale barns here in Kansas they will split up a group if they aren't consistent and so if they get split up then the ones and twos and threes get docked pretty bad. That...
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    Daddy Issues

    I don't have a problem with parentage testing but when line breeding gets done in a tight breeding situation how will can they tell? I ain't going to pay Angus for their numbers to only get them manipulated to make the new hot sires look great and the older sires that still grow just as good...
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    What's hybrid vigor? This baby is PUREBRED ANGUS!

    That may be but the source I heard it from I believe to be reliable but I don't have actual factual proof. Some of the seedstock producers raise two and three different breeds how do you know they ain't crossing things up to help their numbers some?
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    The Time Has Come

    Gizmom Is your Bridget cow for sale?
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    2019 Florida Bull Test

    I haven't done the research but I have been told like the grow safe feed efficiency tests the cattle that go in lighter are the better gainers. My source said that they go in light and gain really well because maybe they weren't getting enough from the cow and get put on hotter feed and really...
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    What's hybrid vigor? This baby is PUREBRED ANGUS!

    I won't mention any names but have heard that there are some seedstock Angus producers that have crossbred and papered them as purebred Angus cattle. Just to get the heterosis and performance of the crossbreed.
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    Trying to select for the Southeast Classic Sale

    Nice cow I like what Sinclair is doing but I'm not a fan of SAV so wouldn't be interested in the pregnancy. Thanks for the picture.