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    Big Elban of Graham Bulls

    I am interested in these bulls does anyone have pictures of any of the older ones? Around the 1980s. One I was looking at was Big Elban of Graham 18612. Any semen floating around?
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    Thanks Gizmom and family

    Purchased three cows from them. They had some cow bloodlines that I was very interested in and was able to purchase them and they even brought them up here. Very nice to deal with. Thanks again.
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    Black Angus Top Sires

    Some of you have probably seen this and maybe it has been talked about on here but which ones of these sires have you liked best?
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    Ai sire question

    So was reading thru what's in your semen tank thread below and was thinking about how there is so many different ai bulls available and how it seems like there is quite a lot of jumping around to different bulls from year to year. (I am guilty of this right now to but just getting started with...
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    Bull Development

    I have 4 bulls that I kept this year and what is the approved way to develope bulls? They have been with some bred cows and were getting silage, hay, corn ration but now we sold the cows so it's not hardly worth it to fire up the tractor to mix a ration for 4 bulls.
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    Diamond D Angus

    Has anybody used any of their bulls? Opinions ? I have looked at their catalogs and semen catalogue but havnt bought anything.
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    What is hereditary from a cow

    So have had cows for around 10 years and just started keeping our own replacements about 3 years ago and last year I bought some registered red and black Angus heifers and cows and have been thinking about what all passes on to the calves? For one thing one of the black cows I bought had a calf...